Mont Viso 3841m

Le Mont Viso

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Ski-ing conditions :
Orientation :
  • Département: 05 Hautes-Alpes
  • Commune: RISTOLAS
  • Carte IGN: 3637 OT
  • Coordonnées géographiques: 
    • GPS (UTM WGS84):  32T 345627 4951519
    • GPS decimal coordinates:  44.700430 N / 7.051468 E
  • Access: Summer: parking of the collapsed Rock.
    Winter and spring: Echalp car park


Road access Road access in winter
  • GPS (UTM WGS84):  32T 341128 4958037
  • GPS decimal coordinates:  44.758085 N - 6.992686 E
1,700 m


From Guillestre, take the road to the Queyras, exceed Abriès and Ristolas continue to the Echalp car park

With snow
7.00 km
760 m
03:30 h
01:00 h
Road access
  • GPS (UTM WGS84):  32T 341328 4955689
  • GPS decimal coordinates:  44.737009 N - 6.995947 E
1,780 m


From Guillestre, take the road to the Queyras, exceed Abriès and Ristolas, continue until the road terminus.

Snow off
5.50 km
680 m
02:30 h
01:15 h
Le Refuge du Viso, 2460m

Summer access to the Viso hut

Access to the Viso Hut in summer 



  • Follow the RD 947 to Ristolas and then to the end of the valley of the Guil river; the track goes to a carpark at the Roche Ecroulée (huge rock in the river bed). 

  • Start from the carpark and either follow signs to the Pré Michel, a botanic trail marked, whic leaves on the right side of the Guil river: or cross over the bridge to take the track (closed to vehicles) which is the former road access to the Viso hut. 

  • At the end of the track you reach the Grand Belvédère: from here follow the yellow signs along the trail, about 45 minutes from the hut;

  • At the crossroads before crossing the failto river, take the trail on the right (sign), the hit is only 15 mins away.

Summer access from the Roche Ecroulée carpark : 2h30 ;positive altitude 680 m ; distance 5,5 km



Access from Italy

 Accessing from the italian side

The Viso hut is accessible from at least 4 different approaches coming from Italy: 

  • Col Vallante ; via the vallon Soustra, starting from Chianale;

  • Col or tunnel Traversette ; from the Refuge Pian del Rey;

  • Couloir du Porc ; from the Refuge Giacoletti;

  • Col Sellière ; from the Refuge Granero;

For more information see the section on Activities - "Mont Viso Tour"

Winter access to the Viso hut

Winter access to the Viso hut



In Winter

Nearest village is RISTOLAS, from GUILLESTRE take the D947 in the direction of Aiguilles, Abriès, Ristolas, then go to the end of the valley road to ECHALP.
The road is closed at the first snowfall, a barrier closes the end of the road at Echalp (1 700m); follow the track (which is also a cross country ski trail) until the Roche Ecroulée (1 780m) where you will see the track climbing up on the left side of the Guil river. This track continues along for a further 3 km until you reach the Grand Belvédère (2 135m) and the end of the road.  From there, follow the signs to the refuge along the summer trail.

In winter the access is about 3h30 from Echalp ; positive altitude 760 m; distance 7 km

Do not under estimate the distance, the track is easy but long, some groups take much longer. 

Warning - The access route to the Viso hut traverses several avalanch corridors in the last section (after the end of the track): We advise you start early in the morning - call the hut before leaving for update on conditions.