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ALPINISM: Mount Viso - Point of Rome - Udine Point - Joanne Point - Gastaldi Point
RANDONNEE: GR® 58 - Tour du Queyras - Tour of Mount Viso
RANDONNE SKI: Joanne Point - Tour du Viso - Ruin Mountain.
To visit: the oldest tunnel in the Alps, under the Col de La Traversette.

Summer mountain walking

Mont Viso tour and other walks

The walking season starts from june onwards. Depending on the quantity of snow and the spring temperatures, you may find some hard snow lingering at the top of cols. It is advisable to have an ice axe and a pair of crampons in your rucksack, at least for one member of the group.

The walking tour around Mont Viso has many variants. You have some suggestions here to help you plan your tour. You may also find information on the Tour du Queyras which has a secondary route via the Viso hut.

 Tour du Viso


If you want to prepare your walking trip, this french guidebook is very detailed, offering many examples of itineraries with informatin on the distances and altitudes as well as the adresses of all the gites and huts or camps around the tour.

Written in french, it is in the process of being re-edited (expected in may 2014), it's possible to order it on the website of the Vallot brothers:

Summe climbing around the Viso hut

Summe climbing around the Viso hut

A wide choice of crags and traverses

Les possibilités de grimper au départ du refuge sont multiples: il y a le choix entre plusieurs blocs à proximité du refuge, des voies de plusieurs longueurs: Le Granero, les Aiguilles de la Traversette, La Pointe Marte, La punto de Venezia, La Punta Udine, La Punta Roma, La Punta Gastaldi et le Visolotto.  Enfin à 1h30 de marche de l'autre côté du Col du Porc, se trouvent beaucoup de voies d'escalade au pied du Refuge de Giacoletti. Si vous visez le sommet du Mont Viso, vous avez l'Arête Est et la voie Normal mais vous serez plus près au départ du Refuge de Quintino Sella.

Lots of cimbing around the Viso hut: from boulders just 5 mins awayto crags with several pitches (Granero, aiguilles de la Traversette, Pointe Marte, Venise point, Udine, Rome, Gastaldi and Visolotte); at the Giacoletti hut, 1h30 walk, several multi pitch routes recently bolted and updated.  And if you aim to climb the Mount Viso, there's the East ridge as well as the normal way, departing from the Sella hut.


Topo guide escalade

Topo guide escalade

March - April for ski touring in spring conditions

March - April for ski touring in spring conditions

The ideal moment for ski touring around the Viso is in march and april. The hut opens at the beginning of the season for ski touring and caters for individuals and groups with prior booking essential. Before the hut opens, there is always access maintained to sleep overnight for 17 people. However you need to provide your own cooking equipment and food. 

Ski touring from the Viso hut is possible either on day trips or 2 - 5 day circuits. There are several ski routes from the hut to the Pointe Joanne, or the Col de la Traversette, or Col de Castello, all accessible within a half day. Longer routes take you over the Col Traversette or the Monte Granero. The Mont Viso Tour is possible by going into Italy at the refuge Alpetto and then to Chianale. 

Call us at the refuge for an update on the weather and snow conditions.  Booking your stay before you come is essential.


Planning the Viso ski tour:


In winter the following huts on the italian side of the tour are open and manned;

- Pian Régina  Melzé, in the Pô valley, Crissolo  tel : +39 01 75 94 907

- Alpetto :    tel: +39 340 5130 792 
Not far from the Sella hut (closed in winter) necessary to book in advance because they open on request;


-Jervis :   tel: +39 121 93 27 55 / +39 348 561 8747
Altitude 1700m, in the Val Pellice


l'Auberge Laghi BLu (Christina) +39 0175 95 01 89 


Le Pra Mourel ( chez bregitte)+ 39 0175 950 127.


The huts Sella, Vallante, Giacoletti, Granero are closed in winter but all have good winter huts (blankets + pillows but no cooking facilities). 


On the French side, the manned huts in winter are the following: 

-La Blanche: tel 04 92 45 80 24 
Near to St Véran


-Refuge Agnel:   tel: 04 92 45 83 90

At l'Echalp:

7 degré est ; tél  04 92 46 82 07