The Hut


Life at the Viso hut

Sarah ,Noémie and Esteban and Paul

We are a family of four, running the Viso hut . It's a rather like living in a small village 2460 metres up the Guil valley with hundreds of visitors every day! 


Breakfast is served from 7 à 8am: 

 you'll find home made bread, or from the boulangerie Moline en Queyras, home bakes, biscottes, and jam, butter, breakfast cereals.... and a choice of hot drinks.

Dinner is served from 7pm:

 a starter course (vegetable soupe) a main course (lamb tajine,  beef bourgignon, pork curry with coconut milk;tartiflette, lasagne...) cheese (from the Cooperative in Queyras) and for (tiramisu, tarte, crumble, chocolate fondant ...).

Eat and Drink

Barbecue on the terrasse!


All day long, we serve all kinds of tasty little dishes, drinks, snacks etc.. on the terrace before the Mont Viso, or inside near the fireplace. The restaurant offers a non stop service with pancakes, omelettes, dish of the day, soup, salads, tartes, cake....

Once a week we organise a special menu of either barbecue or homemade pizza. It's always better to book if you wish to come up for lunch on either day.


Notre équipe : Celine, Caro, et Annelle

Our team of chefs and helpers in full swing! Céline, Caro and Anaelle who cook and clean and much more.


All our food is prepared by ourselves with produce that we have chosen for their taste and quality, and because they are also made in the area; so we know where it is coming from and how it has been made, very important!


Local produce


QUEYRAS HERBAL TEA, le Plantivore, Abriès
CHEESE (TOMMES)  Coopérative Chateau Ville Vieille 
LETTUCE, POTATOES, TOMATOES, COURGETTES, OIGNONS, producers from queyras/ecrins;
APPLE JUICE, APPLES, FLOUR  Ferme Bertrand, Chateauroux;
LOCALLY BREWED BEER  Small local brewer from Ristolas;
BREAD, Molines en Queyras.


The bedrooms

refuge du Viso

cosy bunkbeds

Le petit-déjeuner

The refuge has different sized bedrooms, each one with individual beds, blankets and pillow provided. You will be given your place in the bedroom when you arrive; please bring an inner liner to sleep in (the covers are quite prockly) and it is better for hygiene. You can also rent one. There is not enough electricity to light the rooms at night, nor the bathroom so you must have your own headlamp in case you need to get up in the night. 

The bathroom has 2 solar showers, several wash basins and WC. The water is reasonably warm during the summer but may cool down during cloudy weather and during busy periods.


Gérer les déchets !



  • The energy in the refuge is solar powered: hot water for the showers and wash basins - electricity for lighting but very limited in supply; we use gas for heating and cooking; and the wood/coal for the 2 stoves in the winter.

Soirée conte

Active evenings

Music… storytelling…. drinks and talks….

Le petit déjeuner

apero en cuisine
  Pizza sur la terrasse

les soirées contes


Please come to the reception area to sign in and be allocated your bunkbed. Open after 4 pm.



Making a booking is easy by telephone : 04 92 46 81 81  in season or by internet: 

In both cases, you'll need to pay a deposit (10 euros / pers). If you cancel later, please let us know quickly in order not to lose your deposit (48 hours before).

  Michel soisson

Above photo  Michel SOISSON joins me at the welcome point. He used to be the hut keeper here for  20 years.   

We are really happy running this wonderful hut and hope that you'll have pleasure in spending time here.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, at the Refuge du Viso.




Getting supplies to the hut

  • The rest of the groceries are flown in by helicopter by Hélimax, with twenty loads weighing 800 kg, twice during the summer and once in the spring.


  • We make on average 2 return trips of 160kg per week (fresh produce) .

  • The organic waste is recylced on the compost heap; leftovers are given to the sheepdogs. We burn paper and cardboard but have to carry down the tins and bottles. We kindly ask our guests to take their own rubbish down with them.

  • All our food waste is composted except the cooked leftovers which go to the sheep dogs; the horses get the peelings and the marmottes see to the rest.  We have to burn paper and cardboard boxes. The cans and glass are taken down with the horses and or on our backs. For the very heavy or undestructibles, we resort to the helicopter. Which is why we insist on walkers taking home their own rubbish. 


Last of all, please remember to take you own rubbish with you, bring a plastic bag to keep your waste safe and the mountain clean. THANKS.

La Réserve Naturelle Ristolas-Mont viso


  • The Nature Reserve Ristolas-Mont Viso runs from the bottom of the valley, Ristolas, all the way up the Guil valley. It recognises the exceptional diversity of the fauna and flora with occasionally endemic species that can be observed. As with any protected area, please note that legislation is strict : 



  1.  - Dogs are not allowed even if on a lead;
  2.  - No camping, except  for bivouac; 
  3.   - No picking flowers, keep to the signed paths; 
  4.  - The track up to the Grand Belvédère is strictly forbidden for cars and motorbikes; cycles however are welcome and can be left at the top of the track;
  5.  -The Reserve employs wardens and they check regularly on cars and parking.

For more info,  have a look at :

les bergers
  • Our nearest neighbours are shepherds and from june onwards they live in  the small bergerie. To help guard the herd of 1400 sheep there are 2 'patou' or pyrenees sheepdogs. They are very defensive but not dangerous unless you menace the herd or the dogs. Just avoid walking through the herd and they'll leave you alone. 
  • Sheep have been kept on the summer pastures around the Guil valley for centuries. It's a vast area and the grass supply is managed sparingly. The shepherd is present on the slopes from early june to mid october.  There are several sheep dogs and 2 "patous" the big white Pyrenees sheepdog. They have a naturally agressive attitude to anyone crossing the herd. If you remain calm and pretend to ignore the herd and the dogs, not provoking at all or even maling eye contact, then the dogs wil soon accept you. The shepherd does not command these dogs so it is best to leave them in peace!